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About Us


Clackamas Metal Works Inc. has a focused team that offer high quality, accurate products and services. 

We are a long standing family-owned and operated business which offers a wide range of custom metal fabrication and welding services.

Our leadership team allows us to implement and successfully produce results for all our clients.   

Our competitive edge has a important focus on customer service by offering efficient and meticulous completion of projects. Our qualified personnel complete the projects with knowledgeable staff and continuously work on determining the most cost-effective way to complete tasks.

We service the Portland and surrounding areas to suit specific customer needs.

We set ourselves apart by adapting to what the customer requests no matter how big or small the project. This includes but is not limited to basic welding, light & heavy equipment, robotic fabrication of unique parts needed by local industries, machining, align boring, milling, stainless ,aluminum & steel welding. 



We have a progressive and approachable interest in the ideas and suggestions of the team. We’re a young and ambitious company with a drive and determination for success. There’s pride in our workforce and passion for doing a job well. Our direction is to expand a strong and trusting relationships with our clients and suppliers based on a consistently high level of service, quality and value.



Our Core Values:

· Integrity

· Accountability

· Reliability

· Performance

· Customer Service

· Continuous Improvement